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Soccer Field Dimensions And Markings Explained

Corner Arc. A quarter circle with a radius of 1 yard (1 meter) is drawn inside the field of play around each corner. Additionally, optional marks off the field of play can be made 10 yards (9.15 ...

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All levels of organized soccer use the same types of markings, on field sizes of varying sizes. Markings on the field tell the players and referees when the ball is in bounds or out, and where the goalie can use her hands. Once you know what all those straight and curved lines mean, you can map the field visually and use the rules to your advantage.

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How to mark a soccer field. Soccer field marking is a process which involves many steps and requires much effort, especially when soccer fields are to be marked for the first time. The soccer field is made up of a number of different lines and areas, including touch lines, soccer goal lines, center line, goal areas, penalty areas etc.

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The centre-circle and halfway line were familiar enough, but the penalty are was denoted by a dotted line eighteen yards from the goal and going across the width of the pitch. The twelve yard line was put in place, with penalty takers able to strike the ball from anywhere along that line.

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The team that did not score will kick off the soccer ball. Encompassing the center mark is the center circle. The radius of the center circle is 10 yards from the halfway line to the edge of the circle. This is a good distance to set up your midfield.

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This is an explanation of the soccer field and markings for people who are unfamiliar with the layout of the soccer.

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The modern pitch markings finally came into being in 1902, with an added halfway line, goal areas, penalty areas and a penalty spot as we know it today. There would be only one further change. The penalty arc was added in 1937 after suggestions from various European Football Associations.

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A center circle, 10 yards in diameter from a center spot. The goals are marked by posts and a crossbar above a section of the end line. Two large rectangular penalty areas, 18 yards from the goalposts and the enclosed goal line. Two smaller rectangular goal areas, 6 yards from the goalposts and the enclosed goal line.