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Giant Habu | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

An enhanced and more complicated Habu which is far more difficult to return. Whereas the Habu only curves after the ball lands, the Giant Habu curves immediately after leaving the racket. Habu Hirakoba Rin Kite Eishirō

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Rin Hirakoba | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

Rin Hirakoba is the only member of Higa Chuu who likes fair play. He uses Habu, which has the stance of a smash, except that it curves while bouncing, and Giant Habu, which curves immediately after leaving the racket, though it causes his hand to go numb, limiting it to one use per match. He is one of the only players to stand up to Coach Saotome, refusing an order to attack Seigaku's coach ...

Prince of Tennis: Form the Strongest Team Characters - Giant Bomb

Ryoma Echizen is the protaginst of the popular anime and manga in Japan, Prince of Tennis. The reason why he is the "prince of tennis" is because he is the son of one of the greatest tennis players, "Nanjiro Echizen". Throughout the series, Echizen is a Freshman in the middle school "Seigaku". He joins their tennis club and after beating key players in the interrankings, he is part of the Seigaku Tennis club.

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Nanjirō Echizen | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

Nanjirō Echizen (越前南次郎, Echizen Nanjirō) is the father of Ryoma Echizen. He is known as "Samurai Nanjirō" (or "Samurai from the land of the Sakura") for his invincible tennis skills during his earlier years as a professional tennis player. With Ryoma and Tezuka Kunimitsu, he is the only player to have reached the "Pinnacle of Perfection" and master it. He is trained by Sumire ...

Habu | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

Habu. Shot Type. Serve, Overhead Smash, Stroke. Spin. Unknown. Class. Offensive. The ball curves wildly after it bounces. It can be used as a serve, a smash and even a forehand.

Kevin Smith | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

Kevin is the Captain of the USA West Coast Team participating in the US West Coast/Japan Kanto Goodwill Games in the anime. His wish was to play Ryoma to settle a rival feud between his father, George Smith, and Ryoma's father, Nanjiro Echizen. George becomes very strict with Kevin's training and turns to alcohol, which causes Kevin to view him as worthless. His best friends appears to be ...

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Like Mukahi, he has stamina issues, something he overcomes by The New Prince of Tennis. In the fourth popularity poll for the series conducted by Shonen Jump, Hiyoshi came in 10th place. He is portrayed by Ryunosuke Kawai, Kei Hosogai, (2nd season) Daiki Ise, and (3rd season) Utsumi Akiyoshi in the musicals.

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Prince of Tennis follows the Seigaku Tennis Club and its bid to make it to the Junior National Tournament Finals. Central to the plot is Ryoma Echizen, a freshman tennis prodigy. Returning to Japan after spending four years in America, Ryoma manages to not only wow the seniors at Seigaku, but also easily secures a place as a “regular” – something unheard of for a freshman.