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Do you get a red card for a handball in the box?

A player who receives two yellow cards in a single game is sent off and receives a red card. Handball : A red card indicates a disqualification of a player who has committed an offense such as unsportsmanlike conduct, serious foul play, or receiving a third two-minute suspension.

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The referee will show a player a red card for handball if the player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by using their hand or arm. Whether this action was intentional or unintentional does not matter.

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Is this is a red card offense? To all the experts... please comment below with your interpretation of the rule.

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Deliberate handball is a yellow card offence. It only becomes a red card if the offence stops a clear goal scoring opportunity. A GK carrying the ball outside his area when there is no forward around is therefore not a red card offence. This has been reported in the Bugs forum.

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A player is dismissed (Red card) from the game with no replacement allowed for: Being cautioned a Second time in the game Serious foul play (fouling with the apparent intent to injure an opponent Or fouling to specifically deny the opponent an obvious goal scoring opportunity Or handling the ball to prevent an obvious goal from being scored

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Handball doesn't require a card at all. You'd give a card based on the same criteria as any other foul. If it denies a promising attack, yellow card, if it denies an obvious goalscoring opportunity it's a red. In this situation it looks like a striker has an easy chance to score if he doesn't handle it.

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They read that it is a red card “Where a player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by a handball offence the player is sent off wherever the offence occurs.”

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Interestingly, a goalkeeper was allowed to handle the ball outside of the penalty box before 1912! Can a goalkeeper get a red card for handball? Yes. If a goalkeeper is deemed to have prevented a goalscoring chance due to handball, they can be red-carded. They may also get a red card if they receive a second yellow card for handball.

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