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Definition – What is “Economy Rate” in Cricket? Economy rate is the average number of runs conceded for each over bowled. A lower economy rate is seen as preferable – it means that the bowler is able to get more batsmen out with fewer balls. The statistic is considered to be more important in shorter games than longer test matches.

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In cricket, a player's economy rate is the average number of runs they have conceded per over bowled. In most circumstances, the lower the economy rate is, the better the bowler is performing. It is one of a number of statistics used to compare bowlers, commonly used alongside bowling average and strike rate to judge the overall performance of a bowler.

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Economy rate = Number of runs conceded Number of overs bowled. Usually the term Economy rate is associated with the bowler/bowling side and is one among many measure used to identify the effectiveness of a bowler. A lower economy rate is preferable for the bowling side.

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Economy Rate is nothing but an average of runs, a bowler conceded in every over, he bowls. That is, how economical, a bowler has been in a particular game or in his career. So, the lesser the Economy rate, the more economical the bowler has been in giving runs. Formula to calculate Bowling Economy Rate: If a bowler conceded 50 runs in his 10 overs, his economy-rate stands at 5.00.

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Runs per Over (Economy Rate) : Total Runs conceded in an Over. From Bowler’s perspective, extras (byes and leg byes) are not counted as run, hence not added to his tally of runs conceded in an over, but error balls … Continue reading →

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While the run rate is a metric to measure the rate of scoring of a team (batting team), the economy rate is a measure of performance of a bowler. The method to calculate the economy rate is the same as that of the run rate. Economy Rate = Total number of runs conceded by a bowler / Number of overs bowled by that bowler

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a bowler who concedes very few runs from his over(s), i.e. has a low economy rate. The opposite of expensive. Economy rate the average number of runs scored per over in the bowler's spell. Edge (or snick or nick) a slight deviation of the ball off the edge of the bat. Top, bottom, inside and outside edges denote the four edges of the bat.

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The match economy rate is used to measure the bowler's overs in the overall match context. These three factors combine to give the "smart runs" conceded by the bowler in a match, which, when ...