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Duration of Basketball Game - All About Basketball

A basketball game organized by International Basketball Federation, consists of 4 quarters (periods) of 10 minutes with 2 minutes gap between each quarter. The allotted time of a NBA game is 48 minutes, split into 4 quarters of 12 minutes but normally it takes a much longer time to finish an NBA game as there are so many interruptions and delays involve in a game.

How Long Is A Basketball Game? (All Levels Answered)

The most common game length is four 8-minute quarters. While that may seem like a large amount of time for young basketball players, most leagues run the clock continuously, with the only stoppage being from timeouts and the end of the quarter.

How Long Is a Basketball Game Duration?

The duration of a professional basketball game is determined by the association that sets the rules of the game. If the NBA is the authority, the game is usually 48 minutes long . A FIBA game, on the other hand, lasts around 40 minutes .

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The regulation duration of an NBA game itself is 48 minutes. Each NBA game is divided into 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. NBA game halftime is 15 minutes, and quarter break time is around 2 minutes. If at the end of the 4 th quarter the game is tied, there will be overtime that lasts 5 minutes.

How Long Is A Basketball Game? [2021 Updated Rules]

College basketball game is regulated by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and consist of two 20-minute halves. There is a half time of 15 minutes between the halves as well. High school basketball game is regulated by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).

How Long Is a Basketball Game? (NBA) - HowChimp

A basketball game in the NBA lasts approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. In the 2018-2019 season, games lasted an average of 137 minutes (2 hours and 17 minutes) during the regular season and 160 minutes (or 2 hours and 40 minutes) during the playoffs.

Basketball: The Clock and Timing

How long is a basketball game? Basketball games are played a set amount of time. It's different for different leagues and levels of play: High School - High school basketball games are made up of four 8-minute quarters or two 16-minute halves. College - NCAA college basketball games consists of two 20 minute halves. This is the same for the WNBA and international games.

How Long Is a College Basketball Game? (NCAA) - HowChimp

Exactly how long a college basketball game depends on many factors. How long is a college basketball game in the NCAA? A typical college basketball game (NCAA) lasts around 2 hours. Each game has two 20-minute halves and a 15-minute halftime break.

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The duration of a standard basketball game is 48 minutes, which is broken down into four quarters that are 12 min each. However, there are numerous stoppages during the game such as timeouts, commercial breaks, out-of-bounds plays, and a fifteen minute halftime. This nearly puts the game at around 2 hours.